About Us - FreshWagon

Our mission is simple.

FreshWagon always supports local. Our platform gives local vendors in your area, the opportunity to grow their business by offering you the very best ingredients, while giving back to local food programs. Delivery in your area is always free on orders of over $75 and on all FreshBoxes.

We curate the best products from local restaurant suppliers and local artisans as a one stop shop to support local. Similar to your local farmer’s market. 

Whether you need those special ingredients for your next BBQ, or you’re looking to stock up on essential fruit, veggies and meats for the week – we’ve got the good stuff.

Support Local

We support local food vendors in your area. Supporting local helps keeps $ where it should be.

Fair Prices

Supporting local means fair prices for our customers, fair prices for our vendors, and great wages for our employees.

Give Back

We're committed to donating 3% of our net income to support local food and family programs. In addition, we also add $1.00 to every order for the foodbank

Frequently Asked Questions

FreshWagon currently delivers in Peel, Halton, Hamilton & Niagara Region. For more information on our delivery area. Click here.

FreshWagon currently delivers every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Orders must be received by 10pm the night before each delivery day. We will be adding more delivery days as we grow!  Freshness is our #1 priority.

Delivery is always free on orders over $75, and free on all FreshBoxes For orders under $75, a flat rate of $11 is added to your order.

Our produce is restaurant-quality freshness that you won’t find at the grocery store.  NHA Fresh sources locally when possible from local farms, as well as direct from the Ontario Food Terminal and delivered to your door on the same day! Our produce doesn’t sit on a shelf, it is delivered to you FRESH.

We would love to hear from you! We are always looking for more local vendors to support.  Let’s chat!

Our FreshBox Subscriptions are available on select products and boxes.  Subscriptions are a great way to always have what you like without having to re-order.  Your payment method will be billed automatically at the frequency you have selected.  Feel free to add any a la carte purchases too! 

FreshWagon is an online farmers market. Not a grocery store.  We carry products that are traditionally reserved for restaurants, and products from local companies that you can’t find anywhere else. We have the finest meats at amazing prices, the freshest produce that never sits on a shelf, and amazing treats made with love. – Just try us, and you will find out what we mean. We are always looking for more local companies so our product selection is only going to get better.

Meet the Founders


CO-Founder, CMo / sales / community outreach

Michael crushes wicked steaks, drinks a lot of local craft beer, and believes that pineapple does not belong on pizza.


Co-founder, COO / Vendor Relationship officer

Jamie eats more meat than the average small city.  When he’s not rockin’ a good steak, he’s stuck between Chris and Michael arguing about pineapple on pizza.


Co-founder, CTO / technology guru, and wine lover

Chris pairs his food with his wine, not the other way around.  A nice glass of red, fresh pizza (with pineapple) and tacos for desert.  Yeah, you read that right.